Sexuality and Femininity

This speaks to the concepts of femininity, sexual desire, and heteronormativity.

From the application of the lipstick and painted nails and make up, one can assume that this is a woman applying the penis-shaped lipstick under cisnormative assumptions. The desire of the piece comes specifically from the application of a dick shaped tube of lipstick. The proximity of the phallus to the mouth nods to fellatio which is highly associated with sexual desire. No identity is necessarily indicated here, but the feminine desire of phallic masculinity is present here. It speaks to a heteronormative assumption that women want men and want to please them with fellatio. The behavior, associated with desire and identity, is the placement of the penis near the mouth. The behavior of fellatio and desire of pleasing masculinity as a feminine person interact to point to a heteronormative and patriarchal assumption of a woman as the pleaser and giver of the relationship, instead of being in the dominant position of the penis. The woman becomes the object under the objectification of phallic masculinity.


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