Mechanical Desire

This image combines a few things that relate to gender performance and desire. Initially, we see a woman potentially within an accentuating metal suit, or she is made from metal with a humanoid body and face of flesh. I’m not really sure which it is, but the combination speaks to desire and feminine performance.

The humanoid here appears to be wearing wearing distinctive eye shadow, lipstick, and other forms of make up. She has wide set hips and protruding breasts, which are symbolically linked to femininity under the cisnormative assumptions bred into us. To add to the performance of femininity, her stance seems inviting and seductive, potentially to attract the viewer. Her hands surround her pelvis which is covered by a shawl, nodding to a form of desire associated with whatever may lie beneath the shawl, even if it isn’t genitalia. In terms of desire, her look and stance speak to the invitation the sexualization of her character. This reminds me of “Crash” because of the mechanics associated with desire to create a potentially sexual image.


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