This is about the documentary, Kink, on Netflix. The film brings the viewer into the world of BDSM pornography through a behind-the-scenes look at the production and individuals who are a part of the business. It’s a very honest and open documentary and doesn’t hold back on showing anything; I don’t recommend it to anyone who has difficulty watching scenes related to BDSM. The important thing to examine from the film through a queer analysis is the individuals themselves. The directors who are filmed attempt to explain what exactly BDSM is and how it does not follow many of the stereotypes that are perpetuated about it. These people that are involved with BDSM porn–who make a living out of it–do not consider their identities as being comprised simply of that. However, they do fall within the queer community.

From a heteronormative perspective, what they’re doing may be considered degrading or harmful (especially towards women) but a queer analysis creates a different interpretation. Because BDSM is a controlled environment which is all about mutual respect, a queer perspective would give women agency and power in that situation. Many of the women who partake in BDSM feel empowered and confident, not only with their sexuality; it allows the individual to lay out specific guidelines to what is and what isn’t allowed, which is conducive for a healthy sexual relationship.


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