Aged Desire

This photograph speaks to an intersection of lack of sex and desire. The pelvis is so associated with sex because, you know, sexual organs lie in the area present in the piece of art. The cobwebs point to potentially a lack of desire associated with this person because their sexual organs haven’t been used in so long that cobwebs have developed. At least, that’s what the picture implies. There seems to be a lack of sexual desire associated with this picture because of how the cobwebs turn the sexual organ into something no longer functional or valid because of its lack of use. But the image still speaks to a functional desire because clothes are being removed, implying some form of use. The removal of clothing could speak to how the body parts are still in use, just not in a sexual fashion. A lack of desire is most prevalent in the image because of how cobwebs imply that the viewer should interpret the sexual area as less than sexual or desirable.


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